A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber


A Turn in the Road is a good romantic read. Macomber is an author who makes you care about her characters (much like Nora Roberts but not as racy). Bethanne Hamilton ends up driving across country with her former mother-in-law and her daughter. Bethanne's ex wants to get back together with her after divorcing her for a younger woman. Ruth (the widowed ex-mother-in-law) is going back to her 50th high school reunion in hopes of reigniting a flame with her first love. Annie (the daughter) tags along because she's mad at her boyfriend. Their adventures and misadventures make for a fun read. Will Bethanne stay with the biker she meets on the trip or return to her ex-husband? Will Ruth reunite with her first love?What will Annie decide to do about her boyfriend (who left her behind and went to Europe)? Read and enjoy.

Submitted by Katherine @ Zablocki

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