The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

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The Distant Hours is a remarkable piece of writing. It is a luxurious tale woven primarily from the lives of the residents of Milderhurst Castle and spans almost a century from the early 1900's to 1993. Our narrator is Edie Burchill, a young woman on the fringes of publishing whose mother was an evacuee who spent part of WWII at the castle. The tale begins with a letter arriving 50 years after it was mailed to Edie's mother. A truly incredible story unfolds as Edie investigates the letter. The tale is that of author Raymond Blythe, the castle owner, and his three daughters - twins Sassy and Percy, and their younger sister Juniper. Families always have baggage, but not like this; amazing twists and turns with some shocking revelations, all totally realistic make this a marvelous story that pulls you in slowly and won't let you go.

Submitted by Katherine @ Zablocki

The Distant Hours immediately drew me into the world of Milderhust Castle and its inhabitants, the sisters Blythe; Percy, Saffy and Juniper. Then a letter arrives for Meredith Burchill, which had been sent fifty years prior. Though the contents of the letter remain a secret for the time being, Meredith's reaction upon reading it drew me in even further. You see, this is the first time her daughter Edie learns that she was evacuated from London to Milderhurst Castle in Kent during World War II. Many mysteries and secrets lurk within its grounds. Suggested for many readers, including mystery lovers and historical fiction fans as well as book clubs.

Submitted by Jacki @ MPL Central

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