My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent


For those with a hunger for science fiction but tired of the vampires, werewolves and zombies, try Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer series which begins with My Soul to Take. This young adult novel follows Kaylee Cavanaugh as she discovers her abilities as a bean sidhes, which is in turns terrifying and confusing because she senses people who are about to die.

She sees a shadowy fog around an individual and gets the overwhelming need to scream...these people's souls must be collected by a reaper, but if Kaylee is anywhere around she can delay the process and give the soul a chance to say good-bye. She does this through singing for the soul, which to human ears translates to an ear-drum-shattering scream. Young women in town start dying for no reason and Kaylee is determined to get to the bottom of things with the help of Nash, a possible love interest who meets Kaylee at a dance club when one such girl is seen in a misty fog. The two discover many things that illuminate Kaylee's bean sidhes powers and what is causing women to drop dead.

Kaylee's lives with her aunt, uncle and cousin because her mother passed away when she was three and her father is away in Ireland because he can't bear to raise a daughter who reminds him more and more of his deceased wife. Elements of suspense, mystery, romance and horror will keep readers enthralled until the stunning conclusion.

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