Suicide of a Superpower by By Patrick J. Buchanan


In Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? conservative pundit and social critic Pat Buchanan asserts that America is on the decline, ready to fall. There are many reasons for this. Our debt as a nation is already large and getting larger. The slow disintegration of our Christian culture has not only created many social problems but also started the "culture wars." In fact, Buchanan states that the "death of God has blown up our decent and civil society."

Buchanan sites other reasons for America's decline. We have an obsession with the equality of outcome. We worship at the altar of the Cult of Diversity. We are fast becoming a "food stamp nation" with almost half of the population receiving some form of government assistance. And the birth rate in the United States continues to drop. Any nation that does not replenish its population is doomed to fail.

In the last chapter (11), Buchanan claims we have one last chance to avoid our destiny. We have to get the nation's finances back in order and stop swimming in a sea of red ink. We must dismantle the 'American Empire' by bringing our troops home from around the globe and stop fighting in foreign wars. And as a nation we must restore traditional religion and morality. Then a traditional culture will automatically follow.

Like most of Buchanan's books, this one is highly controversial. If anyone reading this review is still around in 2025, it will be interesting to see if Buchanan is right. Or will this title be just another 'doomsday' book among many that sit on our library shelves? Stay tuned!

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