Hidden by Helen Frost


Hidden starts when Wren Abbott, an eight year old girl and her mother are at a gas station. Wren's mother leaves the keys in the minivan so Wren can listen to music while she pays for the gas. The sound of a gunshot comes from the store and Wren dives to the floor of the van and hides herself under a blanket. The van door suddenly opens; Wren realizes it is not her mother in the van, but a stranger, so Wren remains hidden. Is Wren's mother alright? Is she hurt? Who is this man driving the van and where is he taking her? What will happen if he finds out Wren is in the vehicle? The minivan turns into a garage and Wren can hear the sounds of a family coming from the house. The young girl inside the house is Darra Monson, the man's daughter.

Now the story moves ahead six years and Darra and Wren are both fourteen years old and spending the summer in Upper Michigan at summer camp. Will the two girls recognize each other? What has life been like for each girl since the incident? How has the incident changed their life? How does each girl remember the events? These are the questions explored by the author Helen Frost in parts two and three of the book.

Hidden is told in verse and through the alternating viewpoints of the girls. Each girl's voice has her own poetic style which really captures the feelings and emotions of each of them. Though short, the ramification of the event and the toll it has taken on each girl's life is explored in this suspenseful novel..defnitely worth your time to read; this will not disappoint!

Submitted by Gail @ Zablocki

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