Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons by Blaize Clement


Pet Lovers Alert! - A new Dixie Hemingway mystery is here. And it's a good one. Dixie, a pet sitter who used to be a cop, always manages to get involved with her client's personal lives. A beautiful baby, Opal, and an orange shorthair cat named Cheddar are the ones pulling at Dixie's heartstrings. Opal's mother has information that will put some very wealthy people in jail for a very long time. When Dixie gets kidnapped being mistaken for Opal's mother, she becomes totally involved in the situation. Cheddar plays an important part in the action. Plenty of intriguing characters, descriptions of life and nature in the Florida Keys, along with a compelling story with several unique twists and turns makes Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons an exhilarating read.

Submitted by Katherine @ Zablocki

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