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Ace & Tony, Iron Men with No Regrets

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For four decades, Ace Frehley and Tony Iommi have been the reason why millions of teenagers around the world picked up electric guitars. As the riffmasters behind KISS and Black Sabbath respectively, these bona fide Guitar Heroes helped birth the thundering sound of Heavy Metal. Both have recently published memoirs of their wild days and even wilder nights as rock and roll superstars.

In No Regrets Frehley gives readers a glimpse of what it's like to go from being a rebellious kid growing up in the Bronx to playing in front of thousands in arenas all over the world. He describes the beginnings of KISS and the development of the band's now-iconic stage look. Largely though, he gives readers example after example of why the persona of the Spaceman was for him so apt. Combining a daring, outgoing personality with a superhuman consumption of drugs and alcohol, Frehley recounts dozens of misadventures usually beginning with "After consuming several beers (and other substances)..." and ending with "...and somehow, after that, I was still alive."

Tony Iommi's Iron Man also has its share of crazy rock star stories, but is tempered by his more even-keeled and reserved personality. As the only consistent member of Sabbath throughout its long history, Iommi has seen more band mates come and go than Spinal Tap. Iron Man provides an insider's view of what it's like to work or associate with some of rock's most notorious characters, including Gene Simmons, Lemmy, Ronnie James Dio, and of course Ozzy. It's a good, quick read to enjoy in anticipation of the reunion of the original Black Sabbath lineup coming this summer.

So put on Master of Reality or Destroyer, bang your head and play air guitar while reading these instant classics!

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