The Ridge by Michael Koryta

Koryta_TheRidge.jpgAnyone who has visited Blade Ridge will tell you it's an unsettling place. Tucked deep in the rural Kentucky mountainside it has a long history of accidental deaths. Wyatt French, an eccentric alcoholic who built and lived in a lighthouse at the edge of Blade Ridge, commits suicide and leaves puzzling instructions for local deputy sheriff Kevin Kimble and recently retired community reporter Roy Darmus to investigate deaths that have occured in the mountains, including his own. Their investigation uncovers a strange connection between the number of deaths and near deaths at Blade Ridge and murders throughout town. Digging further they find their pasts are also tied to the mysteries at Blade Ridge and come to understand why the lighthouse must shine into the dark Blade Ridge woods at all times.

Mystery lovers who haven't read Michael Koryta are missing out on one of the most exciting and original writers of the genre. In addition to his serial crime novels, the Lincoln Perry series, Koryta has several stand alone genre-bending novels that masterfully mix supernatural, horror and crime elements and has earned the praise of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and many others.

Check out Michael Koryta's The Ridge or one of his many other titles at your Milwaukee Public Library.

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