Definitely Dead: A Southern Vampire Novel by Charlaine Harris

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Definitely Dead is sixth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. So far I've reviewed book one, Dead Until Dark and book four, Dead to the World.

So much has transpired in Sookie's life over these past six novels. Here's an update. Just when she hopes to return to a normal life (again), the supernatural world drags her in even deeper. Sookie has a real-life fairy godmother, Claudine. Where did she come from and what role will she play in the future? Long lost and recently murdered cousin Hadley bequeathed her possessions to Sookie who now needs to travel to New Orleans to sort through it all. How far will the telepath go to discover the details surrounding her cousin's death? People are looking for the missing Debbie Pelt whom Sookie killed in self-defense. What truly motivates their search? Quinn a revered and rare type of were becomes Sookie's boyfriend. Is he the one? His business, E(E)E, or Extreme(ly Elegant) Events, plans and coordinates important events and ceremonies for the supernatural. Quinn's status invariably brings more excitement and trouble into Sookie's already crazy life. Lastly, Jason, Sookie's brother, has undergone some kind of transformation. Are his carefree life and womanizing ways a thing of the past?

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