Jim Butcher's Dresden Files


Storm Front is the first book in the Dresden Files series. Harry Dresden, a wizard and private detective, works for both civilians and the local police... for a price. I say for a price, because Harry's low on cash and really needs it to keep his business afloat. Harry works hard on his cases and is a really likable guy. You feel bad for him as he gets into terrible danger or is being chastised by the higher-ups in the wizarding community. It's good that Harry has a sense of humor, because he certainly needs it time after time - thirteen novels' worth actually. My aunt, who generally reads non-fiction, especially biographies, enjoyed this series and was the one who brought Jim Butcher's books to my attention. So with that in mind I recommend this fun series to all fiction and non-fiction readers alike.

Currently there are thirteen books in the in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files the most recent of which is Ghost Story published in 2011.

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