Plugged by Eoin Colfer


Plugged takes readers on one crazy adventure after another with a seemingly endless pool of bad guys and hoodlums. The title itself has a bizarre double meaning - plugs as in hair replacements and plugged as in shot with a gun. Irishman Daniel McEvoy quickly gets drawn into dangerous and deadly trouble that wreaks havoc on his simple life as a bouncer in a small exotic dance club. With snappy dialogue, the poor guy narrates the entire debacle along with the strange and thickly accented voice in his head. (Readers instantly wonder if Daniel is going insane). It quickly goes down hill for him from there with a kidnapped doctor, a cocky attorney, a dead dancer, a stupid and ridiculous club owner, a dirty police officer, illegal drugs, the local mob, a psychotic neighbor, and the usual dense thugs. One mystery overlaps another and keeps you guessing to the very end.

Submitted by Valerie @ MPL Central

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