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Evermore by Alyson Noël


After an ordinary and familiar plot opening, this young adult book takes off in its own unique and interesting direction. Ever, who is both pretty and popular, loves her friends, family and normal life in Oregon. All of that suddenly ends when Ever's parents, sister and beloved dog are killed in a tragic car accident for which she blames herself. Without any family nearby she is forced to relocate to California to live with her single, career driven aunt who is not unkind, but clueless as to how to raise a teenager. In this unfamiliar place Ever feels like an outcast. She covers herself with hoodies and always wears headphones blasting music as loud as she can. But it's not just grief, depression and a new high school that are making life so difficult. Since the car accident Ever has gained special abilities that make everyday seem like a living hell. She can see auras and dead people. The worst newly acquired ability being that she can hear people's thoughts, everyone's, all of the time. Ever finally finds peace and quiet when she meets Damen a fellow new student. However, he also has special abilities, though different from Ever's. From there Alyson Noel takes us on a fantastic journey that fully deserves multiple volumes.

So far there are 6 books in The Immortals Series.

Noel has written a spin-off series about the Ever's younger sister Riley entitled The Riley Bloom Series.

Submitted by Valerie @ MPL Central

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