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Earl Derr Biggers.
Besides having one of the grooviest names in mystery writing, Earl Derr Biggers also created one of the most controversial and slickest sleuths in literature (and film for that matter). When Charlie Chan made his literary debut in the Saturday Evening Post serialization of The House without a Key (1925), the catalyst for corny aphorisms was hatched onto an appreciative mystery reading public. At times complex and other times laughable, this novel avoids all the trappings of pulp Noir. Chan is described as an extremely overweight man with baby cheeks and a soft, dainty step. The anti-Fu Manchu. Though murder is a sloppy business, Chan's investigation is crisp and clean.

Charlie Chan Carries On (1930) is the fifth of the six original Chan novels and is more of the same as the other four. But they are all fun. If you need a break from high brow murder stories, give ol' Charlie Chan a try.

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