Hello, Jell-o!


I check out a lot of cookbooks, and tend to read them like novels. Most serve the same function for me as novels - I'm transported to exotic locales and the content fuels the imagination. Which is to say, I don't actually make many recipes from the fancy foodie cookbooks, but it's fun to pretend I'm a person that does.

Finally, I have found a book that reads more like an update of a favorite childhood novel, and it features the most unexotic food I can imagine: Jell-o. Long relegated as a treat for the very young or the very old, banished to hospital trays or the end of buffets, Victoria Belanger is breaking that mold by making the mold! Most of the incredibly creative recipes in Hello, Jell-o! begin with unflavored gelatin an rely on juice, fruit or various creamy concoctions to amp up the flavor. You'll find desserts you've likely not seen before in gelatinous form, such as carrot cake, pumpkin pie and chocolate peanut butter cups. Several vegan recipes are included, so nobody has an excuse to miss out on the fun! If you miss the simpler times of diving into a bowl of Jell-o for dessert, be sure to check this out and recapture some memories.

Submitted by Mandy @ Central, Youth & Community Outreach Services

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