The Good Father by Noah Hawley


The Good Father asks the question, who is to blame when a child is a murderer? The father, Dr. Paul Allen, is a prosperous, well know doctor. His life is changed when his son from a previous marriage is charged with assassinating the lead democratic candidate at a rally. The rest of the book is the father trying to figure out what really happened. Why was his son in California when he was supposed to be at college? Was his son the lone gunman? Was this part of a larger conspiracy theory? If his son did commit this murder, why? Was it because his father remarried and moved across the country with the boy shuffling between two households never seeming to fit in? Was it the fault of the father? The mother? Mental illness?

The book easily shuffles between narratives of the father researching both his son's case, as well as other well-known presidential assassins; memories of his son's younger years; and more recent stories of what happened to his son since he dropped out of college to travel across the United States. Paul uses his research, his memories and his son's journal to determine what really happened, even though his son does not want him to.

The book is an intriguing read, though I typically like my books to wrap up nicely, sometimes it is also good for a book to end with some mystery.

Submitted by Meredith W. @ Wisconsin Talking Book & Braille Library

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