Pure by Julianna Baggott


Pressia is a sixteen year old survivor of the Detonations. They occurred when she was only six, so she doesn't remember much about life during the Before, but her grandfather tries to keep the memories alive by telling her stories of amusement parks, movie theaters and birthday parties. They do the best they can to survive; people sicken and die from drinking the water and others' faces basically melt away, as a result of the nuclear winter.

All sixteen year olds outside the Dome are required to turn themselves in to be trained as a soldier or, if they aren't considered strong enough, to be used as live targets. Pressia doesn't want to experience either of these things so she's on the run. While trying to avoid the soldiers hunting her, she comes across Partridge who has chosen to escape the Dome to search for his mother, who he is certain survived the Detonations. His father is one of the most influential men among the Pures (as Dome dwellers are called) in the Dome but is emotionally distant and Patridge has a tenuous relationship with him.

Pures are safe and healthy and live a much different life than those outside the Dome. Patridge knows he should be content in the Dome, but he's lonely, especially after his brother commits suicide. Then his father slips and makes a remark which gives Patridge hope that his mother survived the Detonations and is out there somewhere...so he escapes, risking his life to find her.

Pure is a fast paced adventure suggested for fans of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games trilogy and Justin Cronin's The Passage.

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