A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison


A Walk Across the Sun begins after a tsunami ravages the Indian hometown of teen sisters Ahalya and Sita Ghai; as a result, they are orphaned. They try to find safety, but are abducted by human traffickers and enter a dangerous world of sexual violence and illegal business. Meanwhile, in Washington, D. C., Thomas Clarke, an attorney is dealing with his own personal tragedies. He has lost his infant daughter and his wife has left him. He chooses to travel to India on sabbatical to do pro bono work fighting human trafficking. After hearing about the Ghai sisters he works to get them to safety. His mission takes him across three continents and into the modern world of slavery.

While this story is fictional, the problem of human trafficking is very real. Addison mentions several ways to learn more and get involved at the end of the book, including the Trafficking in Persons Report, rating the efforts of hundreds of countries in combating the trade; prosecuting traffickers, pimps, and slave owners; and caring for victims. The TIP Report offers an overview of modern slavery and real-life stories from around the world. These reports are available on the State Department's website. If a nongovernmental source is preferred, there is the Polaris Project. The library also has books available, including A Crime So Monstrous by Benjamin Skinner, Sex Trafficking by Siddharth Kara and Disposable People by Kevin Bales.

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