Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi


Aria is a typical teen spending most of her time in the Realms, virtual worlds via her Smarteye. However as a typical teen, she also bends the rules, so when her friend Soren suggests disabling their Smarteyes and visiting a damaged Pod, she and her friends go along with it. A few days later she no longer has her Smarteye, her best friend is dead and she has been abandoned Outside or in The Death Shop as it is known because of what she knows.

Perry is a Savage, an Outsider. He is also a Scire, one who has extraordinary smell and can even smell emotions and tell if someone is lying. He broke into the Pod too, but for different reasons. He saves Aria from her friends and leaves with her Smarteye.
Now they are both Outside and destined to meet again. Perry is trying to save his tribe and rescue his nephew. Aria is trying to get back to the Pods to find her mother, a geneticist who has been out of contact for over a week. Dogging both of them is the Aether, violent energy storms on the Outside.

If you've gotten into the recent dystopian novel trend, this one is great. There are other characters besides Aria and Perry with special traits and other tribes, some good some bad. Like Hunger Games, there is also some violence though most of it is necessary for survival.

Submitted by Lynn @ Center Street

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