Num8ers by Rachel Ward


Jem has seen numbers floating above people's heads for as long as she can remember. The numbers mean something. Something grim. They're dates of the person's death. Sometimes they're a few days in the future and others are thirty or forty years away. Jem has always kept these dates to herself never telling anyone that the numbers exist. Then one day as she and her new friend Spider are walking in London, Jem sees multiple people with the same exact numbers. All dates of that very day. In a panic she immediately turns and starts running away calling for her friend to follow when suddenly the London Eye explodes behind them. Even among the chaos people notice the two sprinting away and in no time at all the two friends become prime suspects in the horrific terrorist attack. Check the catalogue here to find a copy of Num8ers for you to check out today.

Submitted by Valerie @ MPL Central

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