The 4% Universe by Richard Panek


There is a paucity of well written, well researched books on science concepts for popular readership. The 4% Universe is one such book. Reaching back to Copernican days of astronomy, Panek chronicles the seeming collision course of astronomy, an observational science, and physics, an experimental science. It was this collision course which brought us the concepts of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, which are now, for all intents and purposes, integral to the cosmological 'Standard Model' of reality. The author explores these concepts in ways that the average reader can understand, as well as giving the histories of the individuals and departments involved in the search for why the mass of matter in the universe is far greater than what we can observe instrumentally. The 4% Universe is a quick read and puts a human face on two sciences that we sometimes consider lofty and beyond our ken. I definitely recommend this book.

Submitted by Peter @ Washington Park

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