Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis


Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis is a ten-volume graphic novel exploration on truth, the corruption of politics, and journalistic expression set against the backdrop of a cyberpunk future filled with giant cities, ubiquitous advertisements, and consumerism gone mad.

The first volume introduces us to Ellis' finest creation: Spider Jerusalem, a former journalist and truth seeker turned country hermit. Our foul-mouthed protagonist finds himself dragged from his mountain hideaway, kicking and screaming, back into the sprawling urban mega-metropolis of the future known as The City. Quickly he discovers little has changed since he left; the police are still corrupt, the politicians more so, and everyone is exploiting the poor and the innocent. And so he takes it upon himself to make sure everyone knows the truth, one editorial column at a time.

Written originally from 1997 to 2002, Ellis' biting and crass commentary on society and beyond still resonates today. With bombastic style and deftly detailed art by Darick Robertson, the series will thrill you, make you laugh, and even make you think about the concepts and privileges of life we often take for granted. Filled with explicit language and violence, this graphic novel is intended for mature audiences.

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