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Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire


Verity Price is a lot of things: cocktail waitress at Dave's Fish and Strips, former reality dance show contestant, and the eldest daughter of a family line of cryptozoologists. Striking a balance between her ballroom dancer desires and her duties in maintaining a healthy relationship with New York City's cryptid (creatures of myth, folklore, and urban legend) population is hard for Verity, but it proves even harder when single female cryptids are mysteriously disappearing. Add in rumors that a long thought extinct dragon might be sleeping under the Big Apple and the sudden appearance of a strikingly handsome man who also happens to be a member of a secret organization dedicated to the extinction of all cryptids, and Verity has her hands more than full.

Discount Armageddon is the type of urban fantasy in the vein of Joss Whedon's television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yet such a comparison isn't unfavorable; while they share spunky blonde protagonists who wisecrack while dealing with the supernatural, enough of the New York that McGuire creates feels like a fresh take on the genre. The tone is kept light for the most part, with Verity's narration cracking jokes and some of the more silly aspects of the world proving highly amusing (Verity lives with a tribe of talking mice that have an entire religion based around her, complete with festivals and feasts). Simultaneously, the book is also a true feminist take on urban fantasy, focusing on a strong and independent female who manages to kick butt and save the day without giving up her more feminine pursuits and interests. A fun and quick read, readers will find it hard to put the book down. The best part is that this book is the first in a series. Midnight Blue-Light Special is due to come out in March of 2013.

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