Bushville Wins! by John Klima


Since the 2012 Brewers season has turned out be a bit (ahem) disappointing, it's a good time to turn back the clock and remember when Milwaukee baseball reigned. John Klima's Bushville Wins! recounts the magical 1957 season when the Milwaukee Braves brought home the city's only World Series championship.

In it, you will find the names that still make local Baby Boomers smile: Joe Adcock, Johnny Logan, Lew Burdette, Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews, and Hammerin' Hank Aaron. You'll also get a taste of what it was like in Milwaukee that summer and fall, when the whole city would put aside everything else whenever the Braves were playing.

Klima's play-by-play descriptions of crucial innings throughout the season and the World Series make for thrilling reading, and the players' personalities shine through on every page. These guys turned Milwaukee from a "Bushville" into a bona fide Major League city. Put down yesterday's Brewers box score and pick up Bushville Wins!

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