City of Women by David R. Gillham

City of Women captures the sights, sounds, and stress of war-time Berlin. With the men off fighting for German glory, Berlin has become a city of women. Tensions are high. The RAF runs bombing raids almost nightly. Ration coupons run low. Neighbors watch each other closely for cracks in home-front stoicism.

Sigrid works in a patent office and lives with her difficult mother-in-law. Her husband is fighting the Russians on the Eastern front. The cinema has become her escape, but may also become her downfall. Egon, a handsome and aggressive man, approaches Sigrid during a film, and the two begin a clandestine affair, but he abruptly disappears.
Sigrid returns to the cinema hoping to see Egon again when she is approached by a young woman. Ericha is the caretaker for her neighbor's children. Ericha is distressed and asks Sigrid to say they were watching the film together. Moments later, the police stop the film and question the women. Sigrid protects Ericha, but demands to know what Ericha is hiding.

As Sigrid learns more about this mysterious young woman, she also discovers difficult truths about the German war effort. Under the scrutiny of her mother-in-law, neighbors, and co-workers, Sigrid involves herself in Ericha's schemes, making life-altering decisions that impact everyone around her.

Sigrid's dramatic decisions will make readers wonder, what difference can one woman make?

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