Breed by Chase Novak


A charmed Manhattan couple, Alex and Leslie, have everything. Living in a gorgeous mansion filled with priceless antiques passed down from generations in Alex's family, they are surrounded in the finest luxuries money can afford. They start taking their happy marriage, accomplished careers and wealth for granted once Leslie cannot become pregnant. After many years and so many efforts, a wildly risky option is offered to them with dangerous consequences. Alex and Leslie discover she is pregnant but pay a hefty price they had not predicted or been warned of.

The bulk of Breed follows the offspring of this coupling, twins Adam and Alice. Ten years after their parents went to extremes to have them, a horrible sense of foreboding and anticipation swallow the household up. The once beautiful house is in shambles, stripped of most of the priceless art and antiques. Adam and Alice fear they only get a glimpse into the animalistic nature of their wild parents.

At turns creepy and suspenseful, Breed propels the reader forward into this horror story. The twins must decide to either escape their strange, erratic parents or live in fearful apprehension. Readers also get a glimpse into the possible future of Adam and Alice when they cross paths with a group of children whose parents had the same fertility treatment, children who roam Central Park together in a pack. A special teacher reaches out to help the twins with disastrous results. If you are looking for a wonderfully dark novel to further chill your bones this fall, check out Breed by Chase Novak.

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