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Brain Trust by Garth Sundem


Brain Trust by Garth Sundem presents lab-tested 'secrets' and tips from 93 top scientists on a plethora of subjects from dieting to destroying bridges. Each of these helpful (if not entirely practical) tricks and concepts come in their own individual section, with the individual contributing scientist prominently credited. The bite-sized bits keep the book from getting stale, combined with the slick and self-aware writing style of the author who readily admits to not knowing as much as his cavalcade of contributors. To help keep you engaged, the author also includes some challenging puzzles between segments, testing your own ability to put some of the concepts presented to use. While perhaps not anything you'd want to base a senior thesis off of, the book is fun and engaging popular science that keeps itself fresh. Definitely worth a read for those looking to see the science behind all sorts of odd and interesting subjects.

Tim @ Central

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