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Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor by Anthony D Fredericks


Anthony Frederick's Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor is the best book I've ever read about horseshoe crabs. It's also the only book about horseshoe crabs I've ever read, but don't let that fact take away from what is a highly engaging and excellent book on these unusual creatures. Frederick's fascination with these peculiar sea creatures translate well to the written page, his enthusiasm and sense of wonder making even the drier (and more scientific) parts fun to read. But don't think the book is all boring science. The colorful and entertaining digressions that call comparisons of the horseshoe crab to old b-movies and a few other oddball concepts add extra fun for the reader, letting the book remain on the lighter side of nonfiction.

Overall, Frederick provides not only interesting science about horseshoe crabs, but also a very strong case for why these ancient creatures are worth not only conservation but admiration as well. The various stories of different horseshoe crab preservation efforts are striking and informative, painting a picture that shows the very human side of the study of marine life in general. An overall fun and informative read, this book won't make you feel crabby for reading it.

Tim @ Central

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