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Let Linda Howard Put a Little Love in Your Life

Linda Howard is a prolific writer of suspense, mystery, danger and passion. Here are four of her books that I have read and enjoyed recently.


In Dream Man Marlie Keen lives a quiet and normal life in Orlando, Florida. One night while driving home she has a nightmare or some kind of clairvoyant episode about a local serial killer. Reluctantly, and at the risk of being ridiculed, Marlie goes to the police and tells them what she "saw." Her description matches that of a recent crime, even so Detective Dane Hollister doubts the source of her information. That is until the serial killer starts to hunt Marlie. Dane takes Marlie's safety very seriously and decides to do everything he can to make sure she does not become the serial killer's next victim.

In Prey Angie Powell runs a wilderness guide business in Montana. Unfortunately, her company is slowly failing as a neighboring wilderness guide company run by Dare Callahan seems to be taking away her customers. Her luck worsens when she takes three shady men out on a trip to hunt bear. When she doesn't return home after a torrential rain storm, Dare Callahan worries and goes looking for her. Eventually he finds her only to become the prey of a man-eating bear.


In Ice Gabriel McQueen returns home from the service to visit his family for the holidays only to discover a life-threatening ice storm is about to barrel into town. He doesn't want to leave his family right upon arriving, but his father asks him to go check on a neighbor to make sure she's OK. Unfortunately, that neighbor is Lolly Helton, a girl he never liked when he was younger. Meanwhile, Lolly plans to make a quick stop at her house and then leave town, but two unsavory characters take her hostage and plan to rob her. They all get trapped on the mountain in Lolly's house along with Gabriel who just barely makes it there through the ice. The criminals have guns, are on drugs, and completely irrational. There's nowhere for anyone to go or hide. The dire situation quickly turns into kill or be killed.


Veil of Night is not as serious and dark as the other three novels I've listed here. Wedding planner Jaclyn Wilde has a devil of a client in Carrie Edwards who lives to make others miserable. With several weddings coming up in just a few days, poor Jaclyn doesn't have time for the drama Carrie creates. You'd think life would be better if Carrie just went away, but a simple departure is not in her nature. Someone murders her and everyone's a suspect. From there the mystery unfolds like a game of Clue.

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