The Twelve by Justin Cronin


In 2010 Justin Cronin captured readers with The Passage, a thriller spanning almost 100 years, setting up the story of a vampire apocalypse caused by a military experiment gone awry. Those anxiously awaiting the second book, can now delve into The Twelve which continues the story with a few survivors introduced in the first book as they meet a cast of new characters.

With The Passage, Cronin moved seamlessly between timelines and he does the same in The Twelve. At time zero, we follow three dominant characters coping with the evolving viral epidemic, and the death it causes. Then we jump a hundred years forward and the story of Amy, Peter, Alicia and others from The Passage comes together with new leaders of the post-apocalyptic revolution to take down the original vampires.

Though The Twelve ends on a satisfying note, how will this epic story all end in the final volume of the trilogy? Sounds like we have to wait until 2014 to find out...but I'm certain it will be worth it.

Jacki @ Central

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