Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer


What a fun story! I've enjoyed reading other books by Jennifer Crusie and thought I'd give this one a go. In Agnes and the Hitman co-author Bob Mayer gives Crusie's writing style a different flavor and lots of action. Obviously one of the main players is Agnes Crandall - cook extraordinaire, columnist, dog owner, and primary target of one murder attempt after another. Then there's Shane Doyle - Agnus's personal 24/7 bodyguard, hitman, love interest, and possibly a mobster.

After that there are too many colorful and unique people to write about, each one playing an integral role in the outcome of the story. The story begins with Agnus having only a few days to put on a wedding for her best friend's daughter. Simple? With the grandmother of the bride sabotaging absolutely everything, the mob dueling it out here, there, and everywhere, a missing fortune of 5 million dollars, dead bodies popping up everywhere, and two honking pink flamingos we see how crazy difficult it can be to pull together a successful event. Who will end up literally swimming with the fishes? And who will still be standing to eat the wedding cake after it's all over?

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