I Spent HOW MUCH?!?!?

Now Christmas is over, the gifts are unwrapped, the tree is down and the decorations are packed away until next year. There's nothing left but the bills. BILLS?!? Yes, those pesky credit card bills for Christmas gifts and travel which are now waiting to be paid. It's no fun to start the new year knee-deep in debt! So how can you avoid this problem next Christmas season? Your Milwaukee Public Library has some great new books on hand to help you organize your finances!


The Debt Free Spending Plan by Jo Anneh Nagler offers readers a simple, easy-to-understand plan for eliminating personal debt and living by a strict budget. The book contains clever ideas to keep track of your spending and ways to keep those nasty creditors at bay. Don't be mistaken, though--it won't be easy to get out of debt, but Nagler's common-sense suggestions will work if rigorously applied.


Marty Martin's The Inner World of Money takes a more psychological look at our spending behaviors and financial decision-making skills. More than just a self-help book, Martin backs his practical advice up with recent findings from scientific studies in the areas of economics, finance and psychology. This book will tell you not only what you are doing to sabotage your personal finances, but WHY you do so as well.


Finally, once you've got your own financial situation in check, how can you teach positive spending and saving habits to your children? Steve and Annette Economides, the Mom and Dad of America's Cheapest Family, will show you how! In The MoneySmart Family System, the Economides will help you prepare your kids at every step of the way to be thrifty and responsible. Live cheap and live life to the fullest!

Most importantly of all--save money by taking advantage of the great FREE resources available to you at the Milwaukee Public Library!

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