Japanese Street Fashion

style2.jpgHarajuku is known throughout the world as a place to find cutting edge street fashion. Located in a neighborhood of Tokyo that includes a large shopping district, Harajuku is a mecca for young people looking to express their creative style on the streets. There are a variety of style types found in Harajuku: Lolita, Gothic, Gyaru, Visual Kei, to name a few. Style deficit disorder : Harajuku street fashion, Tokyo presents over 200 photographs of Harajuku's street scene as well as insightful essays from fashion icons.


Kicks Japan examines the sneaker culture in Japan. Profiling many of the legendary designers of Japan's sneaker scene, the book also includes a look at other figures, such as DJ Sarasa and Shin Tanaka that have contributed to the prominence of sneaker culture in Japan.

Shoichi Aoki has been documenting Tokyo street fashion since the mid-1990s. He is the creator the street fashion magazine FRUiTS, now a cult fanzine. The book FRUITS is a collection of photographs from the magazines 10+ year run, documenting the changing face of fashion in Japan.

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