Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker


The thirty-sixth of Robert B. Parker's Spenser series is Rough Weather. Parker had forty titles published in the series before he passed away in 2010 and the series continues, now written by Ace Atkins.

I haven't read any of the other novels and was curious if I'd be able to follow along without knowing the history of the characters and previous events. I think I did OK, although I am a bit confused about Spenser's relationships with some of his contacts and associates. Rough Weather starts with private detective Spenser (his first name is never revealed) at a wedding ceremony on a private island that ends with the groom, priest, and several others dead; and the bride kidnapped. It is not yet clear why the mother of the bride invited Spenser to the wedding, oh, but did I mention the hurricane? Now the investigation begins -- Spenser questions lawyers, police, other detectives, ex-husbands, body guards, professors, old associates and more.

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