Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later by Francine Pascal

svconficover.jpgMillions of females across the world are familiar with the Wakefield twins, Jessica and Elizabeth. Author Francine Pascal has written (or at least attached her name to) numerous stories featuring the twins at a variety of ages from childhood to adulthood. I was a huge fan of the junior high series and read a good number of the high school books as well, so I was happy to get on the juggernaut one more time.

In Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, Pascal has decided to revisit the twins as adults, ten years after high school. The whole cast is there from Jessica and Elizabeth to Todd, Bruce and Lila. This story centers around Todd and Elizabeth's long term relationship and what happens when Jessica betrays Elizabeth for the last time.

The beauty of the books is that even if you are like me and don't quite remember all the characters it is all good. Lots of back story is given, along with reminders of who people are. As long as you remember that Elizabeth is the good twin and Jessica is the "bad" twin you are as golden as their hair.

The plot, like all Sweet Valley books in any incarnation, is campy, dramatic and over-the-top. But, it is also a quick, enjoyable read that evens ends with a very detailed catch of all your favorite characters and then some. This is suburban fiction at its best.

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