The Invisibles by Hugh Sheehy

invisiblescover.jpgWhen I first saw Hugh Sheehy's The Invisibles on the new book shelf, I thought, "oh, I don't really like short stories." The first sentence of the first story hooked me, though, and by the fourth page of Meat and Mouth, my heart was in my throat and goose bumps were on my arms.

I guess I do like short stories, at least when they are as gripping and evocative as the ones in this collection. Ranging from scary to sad, and mysterious to melancholy, they are filled with situations that, as far out or as strange as they appear on the surface, strike universal chords. Some of the most vivid and haunting characters are ones that we the readers do not even meet. It's hard to get these tales out of my head, and I'm finding myself encouraging friends and family to read them so we can please discuss.

Anna W @ Central

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