The Islanders by Christopher Priest

Christopher Priest's The Islanders fashions itself as a guide to the islands in the 'Dream Archipelago', a vast array of tropical and subtropical nations in a fictional world quite similar to our own. What unfolds is a series of interconnected short tales of various locales, stories of lost romance, ghosts, scientific expeditions gone awry, and more. Masterfully crafted, the book not only keeps you turning the pages eager to read what's next, but also has you flipping back as events and characters recur in the various entries, revealing more of their history and unveiling some of the mystery of previous tales.

The Islanders is easily one of the most engaging and challenging books of 2012. Not a book for those who require a traditional plot structure, or those who hate it when some mysteries are left unanswered; those who do make the trek through the Dream Archipelago will be rewarded for their efforts with a deeply enriching reading experience.

Tim @ Central

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