Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

womanwhite.jpegMany people are familiar with Charles Dickens but few have heard of his friend and contemporary Wilkie Collins. Wilkie Collins was the master of mystery and is credited with writing one of the first detective novels, The Woman in White. This mystery, told in the epistolary format, revolves around Walter Hartright, a young art teacher who is hired to teach the beautiful Laura Fairlie and her half-sister Marian Halcombe. Upon heading to his new position, Hartright meets a mysterious woman in white who he later learns has escaped from an asylum. As the novel progresses, Hartright and Marian uncover a sinister plot by Laura's fiancé Sir Percival Glyde to steal her money. Little do they know that the woman in white holds the key to outsmarting Glyde and saving Laura from a similar fate. This book is a must read for fans of gothic fiction and mystery.

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