North Shore South Shore


The North Shore Line, America's fastest interurban, ended 50 years ago at 2:55 a.m. on a cold, bitter January 21st, 1963. Russ Porter's North Shore South Shore is a slim coffee table book with colorful photos that will bring back fond memories of Electroliners, Silverliners and green cars traveling between Milwaukee and Chicago for its riders. Its versatility as a streetcar in Milwaukee, an "L" in Chicago and passenger train making commuter stops between the two cities could be used by today's commuters. The journey of the South Shore Line, the last surviving interurban, is followed from Chicago to South Bend with photos of long in the tooth interurban cars in the 1960s to new commuter cars approaching the 21st century.

The Central Library has a small display of North Shore Line posters from the 1920s and photos on the 2nd floor and will have a program on Saturday, January 19th.

Van Lingle Mungo @ Central




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