Feeling ambitious at the start of this new year but need a little direction?

While you're waiting for all the resolutionists to get off your treadmill at the gym, wait them out in your own kitchen and create something from scratch with The America's Test Kitchen Do-It-Yourself Cookbook: 100+ Foolproof Kitchen Projects for the Adventurous Home Cook.

The staff of America's Test Kitchen has worked out all the glitches and given you more than a hundred recipes to make a variety of condiments, snacks, cheeses, cured meats and other delicacies. Best of all, they walk you through their process of discovery, and explain clearly and succinctly why some things worked - and more importantly, why other things didn't.

I love to pore through cookbooks cover to cover and make a list of what I plan to tackle. From this book I've already tried their recipe for hot cocoa mix (What's their secret? White chocolate chips ground in the food processor!) Even with a foolproof recipe, there's always room for experimentation. I love the hot cocoa mix, but made it my own by adding malted milk powder. Maybe my modification will show up in the next America's Test Kitchen cookbook! You can be sure there will be another quality publication coming soon from that trusted source.

Mandy, Youth & Community Outreach Services




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