Siberian Dawn by Jeffrey Taylor


I think the author may have been a tad off his rocker back in 1993 when he decided to travel 8000 miles across the disbanded Soviet Union because he loves Russia! I love this guy's enthusiasm. Writer Jeffrey Tayler traveled by trucks, trains, trams and sheer determination across snow covered tundra, mud slickened roads, jam packed train stations and hostile hotel lobbies. The pictures his travels paint are not favorable to old Mother Russia, but I found them to be honest, heartfelt and humble. For every slimy bureaucrat he encounters, he meets a nice old lady to offset the negative vibes. He writes of everyday life by regular people coping with the end of communism and a stagnant economy, and of gulags and nuclear waste, tank factories and cheap vodka. Plopping all Tayler's observations together into a vast 8000 mile pot of human soup, we get a vile smell but a taste that is much sweeter after a few sips. Though most of Siberia is frozen solid, Siberian Dawn: A Journey Across the New Russia will warm your soul.

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