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The Truth About Style by Stacy London

truthaboutstyle.jpgIf you're looking for a way to gain some confidence without having to completely reinvent yourself, you can always revamp your personal style. At least, that's what Stacy London of TLC's What Not To Wear would like you to consider. In this book that's less concerned with the rules of fashion and more of an encouragement to enjoy fashion, the gregarious Stacy explains the benefits of expressing yourself through how you dress.

She highlights nine women who have written asking for help with various issues they're trying to work around. These women are of different ages, shapes, and sizes and Stacy shares the stories of how each of them got in a style rut. As she relates to each of these women, Stacy talks about her own struggles with psoriasis as a child, and eating disorders as an adult. She explains how having personal style can arm you for the challenges you meet by giving you confidence to take with you into any situation. She shares specific tips on where you can shop for certain types of clothing or sizing and offers ideas for people on a budget. With color photos and a "why this works" explanation for each woman profiled, readers can glean ideas that are flexible enough to apply to their own personal style.

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