Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket


A young Lemony Snicket is asking all the wrong questions. Where is he going? Stained by the Sea, a seaside town that no longer boarders any water. Who is he with? S. Theodora Markson, the woman Snicket will be assisting for his apprenticeship. What is he doing? Helping S. Theodora Markson return the Bominating Beast statue to the rightful owner. What is a Bominating Beast and who is the rightful owner? That is what you and Snicket must find out. What does the S. in S. Theodora Markson stand for? Silly reader, that's another wrong question.

These are just a few of the questions - right and wrong - that will be answered in the first installment of All the Wrong Questions. The series features Snicket as a boy who leaves his parents (or were they really decoys?) to become an apprentice with an agency we can't talk about. With a mystery that is as complicated as it is wacky, this novel will leave you asking even more questions and anxious for the sequel. Check catalog for availability.

Lizzy, Central Library Children's Room




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