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The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker


Imagine going to bed one night and when you wake up the next day, the world as you know it is gone. In The Age of Miracles, 12 year old Julia faces just that when it's announced that the earth's rotation is slowing and no one knows why. The days slowly stretch from a predictable 12 hour day and night to a 72 hour day and night. She and her family struggle with the decision to follow the customary 24 hour day or to follow the sun, sleeping when it's dark and being awake during daylight.

Birds cannot fly, the tides slow, and the food chain breaks down and causes hoarding. The slowing rotation of the earth also causes some people to get sick, seemingly randomly, though it's thought that the circadian rhythm of the body is being thrown completely off kilter. Julia's mother contracts this disease while her father slowly becomes someone else. And she herself, struggles to cope with pre-teen feelings of a first crush, a first kiss, fitting in, and parental discord. While also learning to cope with a world she no longer can trust, things are overwhelming.

In her first book, Ms. Walker has captured the essence of not knowing what your future may bring in a world gone crazy. The miracle is in the unknown and how one learns to live with the time we have today.

Roxanne, Wisconsin Talking Book & Braille Library




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