The Unwritten by Mike Carey

unwrittencover.jpgTom Taylor has forever lived in the shadow of his father's work. His father, Wilson Taylor, is the author of one of the most successful series of children's books in history: the stories of Tommy Taylor, intrepid boy wizard. Unable to shake the specter of his fictional namesake, Tom struggles to make a living through personal appearances at conventions. Yet the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur when Tom is kidnapped by a mad fan convinced he's the villain of the Tommy Taylor books, and Tom discovers he has more in common with Tommy than he ever knew.

That's the start of Mike Carey's The Unwritten, an intelligent and intricately crafted comic book series that caters to the 'well read' crowd. Though hard to describe without spoiling some of the excellent plot twists, the series is a well plotted page turner that simultaneously entertains and evokes serious thoughts about the power of fiction. Definitely worth giving a look, there's a lot of depth and intrigue to be found in the pages of Carey's work.

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