Dylan Dog: Case Files by Tiziano Sclavi

dylandogcover.jpegIt's not hard to see why the Dylan Dog series is so popular in its native land of Italy. A comic series that has lasted since 1986 (and has been one of the bestselling comic series in Italy ever since), it features stories about a handsome London-based private investigator whose cases often involve beautiful women, gruesome monsters, and ghastly crimes. Though mostly unavailable in America, Dark Horse Publishing has thankfully put out Dylan Dog: Case Files, an English language compilation of seven stories by Dylan Dog's original creator Tiziano Sclavi. Each of these stories is gorgeously illustrated in black and white, packing great emotion and life into its contrasting lines and shadows. The seven stories are each very unique and interesting, with their own individual themes and plot hooks.

The stories translate well to American audiences, and the compilation offers a variety of chills, thrills, and more. While slightly altered from the original (Dylan's sidekick is a Groucho Marx impersonator in the original, and finds himself stripped of name and mustache for the American release), these stories retain their charm and character with the translation. If you're desperate for more adventures of Dylan Dog after finishing the book, you'll find yourself having to learn Italian. There's only the one volume here in America, while the series has continued for years over in Italy.

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