Feed by Mira Grant

feedcover.jpgIf you're anything like me, you've started to suffer from a bit of zombie fatigue. The tropes that come with stories about shambling hordes of the undead have started to bore you, and it's as if the genre itself has become as lifeless as its brain-slurping antagonists. Thankfully there is a solution to zombie fatigue, and it is Feed by Mira Grant.

Avoiding the tired clich├ęs of outbreak tales, Grant creates a tale in a post-zombie outbreak world that focuses not on the undead, but on the lives and world of the living. The story focuses on Georgia and Shaun Mason, two adopted siblings who are also up-and-coming bloggers. Tapped to follow the presidential campaign of a Wisconsin senator, Georgia and Shaun quickly find themselves caught in the crossfire of a deadly conspiracy. Unflinching in their pursuit of the truth, Georgia and Shaun face dangers both living and undead in a story filled with chills and thrills, and more than a few chuckles as well. When the book comes to its shocking conclusion, you'll be chomping at the bit for the rest of Grant's Newsflesh Trilogy, Deadline and Blackout.

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