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Firebrand by Gillian Philip

Firebrand, the fascinating first book in the Rebel Angels series will please many fantasy readers. A young, half-feral faery named Seth MacGregor struggles with the dangers of 16th-century Scotland. His mother has shunned him so he lives with his father's clan; even there, he's treated with indifference which allows his anger and resentment to grow. Eventually his half-brother, Conal, takes him under his wing and the clan starts to look at Seth differently.

A magical barrier called the Veil separates the world of full mortals from the Sithe (as the faeries are known). It is a grave punishment to be exiled to the other side of the Veil and Seth and Conal's fate is just that. They try to live among the mortals peacefully, but the two supernatural beings don't blend in well and have a rough time with 16th-century witch hunters.

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