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Internationally Known is a sequel to New York's Finest. The story continues with Naomi and Damian fleeing from the Mexican cartel. On the lam in Memphis, they find out that Reggie, Naomi's brother, is being held hostage on account of the high potency cocaine scam Naomi was running. They end up heading back to New York to team up with Foxx, Naomi's father, because he's seen it all when it comes to drug wars and they know he'll help. He comes up with a pretty involved plan which adds a spy movie-like twist. The story shifts between Naomi and Damian's points of view and we find out just how afraid and anxious they are about the Mexican mob and finding the five million they need to get Reggie back. They look to each other for distraction and Naomi is pleased when Damian promises he'll do anything, even die, to protect her. But when she feels her family is threatened she becomes one heck of a fierce mama bear.

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