One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper


Ever wonder whatever happened to your favorite 90s one hit wonder? One Last Thing Before I Go is the newest book by Jonathan Tropper and tells the story of Drew Silver, drummer for a one hit wonder band, about a decade after his success. He is now a divorced, lonely man who, in the decade after his success, has slowly estranged himself from his family and loved ones. He also has no connection with his old band mates, minus the guitar player he sees on weekends when playing at wedding and bar mitzvahs to make ends meet.

Silver is left to think about how all this happened when he finds out he has a heart defect that will kill him at any minute. Oh, and Silver's ex-wife is about to be remarried and his 18 year daughter just told him she is pregnant.

The novel follows Silver's decision to not have the surgery and live out his last days trying to be a better man by reentering his family's life and messing it up beyond all control. The book is absolutely hilarious and though it has a seriousness to it (at what point can you no longer atone for your sins?), it is never preachy.

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