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boywhocouldnt.jpgDarren, the main character of DC Pierson's The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To, is your typical isolated teen with a creative drive. He draws in the margins of all his homework, imagining an entire series of movies and tie-in novels with fantastical characters. When fellow loner and classmate Eric unexpectedly befriends him, Darren finds far more than he ever bargained for. For you see, Eric can't sleep and he's never had to.

From there unfolds a story that is equal parts fantastical and mundane, as Pierson relies on more than a few stereotypical aspects of high school coming-of-age tales to drive the plot of his debut novel. Teenage love and best friend betrayal both play their roles before the exciting and fantastical final act. While the ultimate conclusion feels a little bit weak, there's fun to be had in this quick and easy read.

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